100 Years Of Judo In Great Britain: No. 2

Reclaiming Of Its True Spirit

574c4b4e661d1.jpg Author Richard Bowen
Isbn 9781780030104
File size 19.4 Mb
Year 2015
Pages 503
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

Charting its origins in Japan and following its development throughout the West, 100 Years of Judo in Great Britain is a captivating story that links this popular martial art with the cultures and philosophical ideals that spawned it. Clearly a labour of love, Richard Bowen's absorbing account of the evolution of judo, expertly guides us through its complex and multi-layered history. This is a well-written, instructive and fascinating exploration of this ancient art and its rise and development in Britain and the rest of the world.

Anyone who knew Richard Bowen knew that judo was his life. His knowledge of judo, in both the historical and the technical senses, was unparalleled in this country, and I'm sure that he was one of the top authorities globally.
These two volumes are the culmination of decades of meticulous research, and the distillation of a mountain of material gathered from many sources.
Informative, but far from dull, these books will be of interest to anyone that has a deeper interest in Judo and wants to know more about the development of the sport in this country.
Mr Bowen died on Monday 24th January 2005, and his passing was a great loss to the judo world.


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