3D Printed Science Projects: Ideas for Your Classroom, Science Fair, or Home

(Technology in Action)

00577306_medium Author Joan Horvath
Isbn 9781484213247
File size 9.81MB
Year 2016
Pages 203
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

This is a fine introductory handbook for science classes and projects. These authors begin at the beginning and carefully lead the reader to a modest but sufficient level of competence in 3D printing, the most significant new technology of the past decade. I recommend the book to teachers and parents who wish to have hands-on involvement with their kids' entry into technology. Bear in mind, this stuff is fun.

As a teacher of blind and visually impaired students, I use 3D printing as a way to present important concepts to my students. The models presented in this book are very helpful to me! I particularly enjoy the chapter and related models on ice crystals. My students are able to get a sense of the orientation of water molecules, not to another, in different types of ice crystals. Given that good lesson planning incorporates methods that work for all students, books of this type will illustrate concepts and provide understanding for many others, not just blind students. This book is an excellent source for teachers!


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