Advances In Bioremediation Of Wastewater And Polluted Soil Ed.

56402fba433c3.jpg Author Naofumi Shiomi
Isbn 9789535121657
File size 14.5 MB
Year 2015
Pages 283
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This book deals with advances in the bioremediation of polluted soil and groundwater. The readers will be able to obtain new ideas about effective bioremediation as well as important information about recent advances in bioremediation.
The pollution of soil and groundwater by heavy metals and other chemicals is becoming a serious issue in many countries. However, the current bioremediation processes do not often achieve sufficient remediation, and more effective processes are desired.
In the former chapters of this book, respected researchers in this field describe how the optimization of microorganisms, enzymes, absorbents, additives and injection procedures can help to realize excellent bioremediation.
In the latter chapters, other researchers introduce bioremediation processes that have been performed in the field and novel bioremediation processes.


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