African Security in the Twenty-First Century : Challenges and Opportunities

51PuCZmigZL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Stephen Emerson
Isbn 9781526122735
File size 4.65MB
Year 2018
Pages 264
Language English
File format PDF
Category Security

Book Description:

This book provides a highly useful and comprehensive look through the human security perspective of key security challenges facing Africa today and tomorrow. The use of this unifying human security framework makes the book well-suited as a core text for African regional studies. Or it should have been. Thanks to ill-advised and short-sighted publisher decisions, what we have instead is an overpriced $115 hardback that is more likely to collect dust on library shelves than end up in the hands of students in the classroom. An affordable textbook was the authors’ intent, but that vision was not honored. How do I know this? I am one of the authors.


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