Astrophotography Without A Telescope: A Frugal Approach

59b4d85500754.jpg Author Anthony Galvan III
File size 3.94MB
Year 2017
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy

Book Description:

Imaging the night time sky has gotten easier with digital cameras. This book describes the basic camera types and processes to take pictures of celestial events and objects such as the moon, the sun, constellations and even lunar and solar eclipses. You don't neet an expensive telescope or motorized mount to image the Orion constellation or the moon.


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  • ChPa 25/04/2019 at pm4:16

    What happend to Web-Site , no Book Download able?! HELP us ,please !!!

    • admin 21/06/2019 at am8:50

      Don't be sad. We've come back. All PDF ebooks are free to download.

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