Autonomy, Responsibility, and Health Care. Critical Reflections

599a126312958.jpg Author Bogdan Olaru
Isbn 9789731997162
File size 3MB
Year 2009
Pages 244
Language English, German
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

This book brings before the readers’ eyes the work of a group of dedicated researchers whose interest lies in moral philosophy and applied ethics. The contributors had the liberty to choose the application fields and the examples that best illustrate their arguments. Nevertheless, they all put the main stress on two issues which seems to be the key to understand many of the today’s bioethical challenges: the autonomy claim and the question of moral responsibility arising in various fields of applied medical research. The book addresses some classical questions such as: what is the meaning of autonomy? What justifies it? How come infringements against the autonomy claim make sense sometimes? How do we recognize overriding moral demands? Still, these questions are far from being fully answered here.


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