Biological Warfare: Pathogen Perspectives

(Black & White Edition)

57e705db09807.jpg Author Phillip Yuan Pei Jen
Isbn 9780692441213
File size 209.1 MB
Year 2015
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

From assassination attempts using anthrax and ricin laced letters to the ongoing Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, the presence of biological warfare agents emphasize the immediate need to disseminate information to practitioners and educate future practitioners of medical sciences on how to effectively manage exposure to these deadly toxins and diseases. This detailed and concisely written textbook contains up to date information, covering aspects such as the molecular biology of the pathogen, differential diagnoses, treatment options and decontamination measures for thirty-five weaponized (or potentially weaponized) biological warfare agents. The text permits students, emergency responders, physicians and researchers to understand the biology, treatment and management of individuals exposed to biological agents. When dealing with any type of outbreak or exposure, time is critical in effective management; this text is an invaluable and comprehensive resource.

The introductory material of the text provides a unique historical perspective on the use of biological agents. Chapter one focuses on viral agents, chapter two on bacterial agents (and their toxins) and chapter three on toxins. Each of these chapters examines each known agent individually and covers the symptoms of exposure, detection of the agent, treatment options and differential diagnoses for that agent, providing a quick reference in emergency situations.

Chapter four focuses on agricultural agents, and chapter five covers federal regulations, the detection of biological agents, decontamination methods, and personal protection. The text closes with a discussion on biological terrorism, the production and/or isolation of agents, as well as the difficulties associated with their production and/or isolation. This text takes a unique and systematic approach in the information that is presented, providing a quick, but detailed reference that is invaluable in situations where time is of the essence.


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