Biomedical Nanomaterials: From Design To Implementation

5b381def6f197.jpg Author Hilal Yazici and Thomas Webster
Isbn 9781849199643
File size 51.96MB
Year 2016
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

Nanotechnology has already begun to revolutionize numerous industries including biomaterials and medicine. Nanomaterials are able to penetrate nanoscale pores of tissues, possess prolonged circulation, enter cells, and have increased surface area per volume allowing for greater drug loading. For these reasons, nanomaterials are finding numerous uses in medicine including fighting cancer, promoting tissue regeneration, reversing aging, inhibiting infection, limiting inflammation or scar tissue growth, and much more.

Biomedical Nanomaterials brings together the engineering applications and challenges of using nanostructured surfaces and nanomaterials in healthcare in a single source. Each chapter covers important and new information in the biomedical applications of nanomaterials. Contributions include: biomimetic coating of calcium phosphates on Ti metals; surface modifications of orthopaedic implant materials using an electroplating process; usage of stem cells in bone and cartilage tissue engineering; RNA interference therapy: from bench to bedside; nanobiomaterials and 3D bioprinting for osteochondral regeneration; antimicrobial properties of nanomaterials; electrochemical surface treatments applied to metallic biomaterials; nanomaterials used in implant technology and their toxicity; nanofunctionalized surfaces for bacterial infections; and application of nanoparticle in X-ray radiation therapy of cancer.

Biomedical Nanomaterials is an invaluable resource and essential reading for researchers in industry and academia working at the interfaces of healthcare, engineering and nanotechnology.


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