Blame My Brain: The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed, Revised edition

583cca702b34f.jpeg Author Nicola Morgan
Isbn 1406346934
File size 20.6+4.8MB
Year 2013
Pages 208
Language Englisch
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

Contrary to popular (parental) opinion, teenagers are not the lazy, unpleasant – frankly, spotty – louts they occasionally appear to be. During the teenage years the brain is undergoing its most radical and fundamental change since the age of two. Nicola Morgan's carefully researched, accessible and humorous examination of the ups and downs of the teenage brain has chapters dealing with powerful emotions, the need for more sleep, the urge to take risks, the difference between genders and the reasons behind addiction or depression. The revised edition of this classic book contains important new research, including information about the discovery of mirror neurons and their effect on the teenage brain.


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