Cell-Free Protein Synthesis

59f67fb4c291c.jpeg Author Manish Biyani
Isbn 9789535108030
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Year 2012
Pages 143
Language English
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Book Description:

Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) yields exceed grams protein per liter reaction volume and offer several advantages including the ability to easily manipulate the reaction components and conditions to favor protein synthesis, decreased sensitivity to product toxicity, batch reactions last for multiple hours, costs have been reduced orders of magnitude, and suitability for miniaturization and high-throughput applications.

There is continuous increasing interest in CFPS system among biotechnologists, molecular biologists and medical or pharmacologists.

Section 1 Fundamental Understanding and Protein Synthesis
1 Ribosomes from Trypanosomatids: Unique Structural and Functional Properties
Section 2 Evolution and Protein Synthesis
2 On the Emergence and Evolution of the Eukaryotic Translation Apparatus
3 Evolutionary Molecular Engineering to Efficiently Direct in vitro Protein Synthesis
Section 3 Cell-Free System and Protein Synthesis
4 Protein Synthesis in vitro: Cell-Free Systems Derived from Human Cells
5 Solid-Phase Cell-Free Protein Synthesis to Improve Protein Foldability
Section 4 Translational Control and Protein Synthesis
6 Cumulative Specificity: A Universal Mechanism for the Initiation of Protein Synthesis
7 Protein Synthesis and the Stress Response


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