Channel Crossings

French and English Poetry in Dialogue 1550-2000

5bfff121666a8.jpg Author Clive Scott
Isbn 9781900755542
File size 18.8MB
Year 2001
Pages 276
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

How is gender embodied in poetic forms? What kinds of habitation can dramatic verse create for the performing voice? Where in verse are the inflections of the voice's self found? Can the line of verse be 'landscaped' to communicate the modalities of natural perception? Where is the poetry of the prose poem, and how should it be translated? How much authority should the lay-out of a free-verse text have for its translator? Referring to authors ranging from Labe to Shakespeare to Auden and Jaccottet, Scott seeks to answer such questions and to re-set both the task of the translator and the ambitions of comaprative literature.


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