Childhood Leukemia: 5th Edition

A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers

5c6d2238f2f4f.jpg Author Nancy Keene
Isbn 9781941089040
File size 2.65MB
Year 2018
Pages 496
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Approximately 4,500 children and teens are diagnosed with leukemia in the United States and Canada each year. The illness and its treatment can have a devastating effect on family, friends, classmates, and the larger community. This newly updated edition of Childhood Leukemia contains the information and support parents need during this difficult time, including:

  • New treatments such as immunotherapy, tailoring drugs dosages to children's genetic profiles, and ways to deal with side effects.
  • Advice on how to cope with procedures, hospitalization, school, family, and financial issues.
  • Tips for forming a partnership with the medical team.
  • Poignant and practical stories from family members.
  • Updated resources for medical information, emotional support, and financial assistance.

Parents who read this book will find understandable medical information and emotional support.


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