The Complete Ninja: The Secret World Revealed

004d0926_medium Author Masaaki Hatsum
Isbn 9781568365473
File size 80.32MB
Year 2014
Pages 224
Language English
File format PDF
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Books by Hatsumi Sensei are replete with the abstract imaging and are profusely laced with the photographs which he has successfully used as an important teaching device. Although you may not be familiar with the Japanese language - sometimes a picture does "tell a story".

As a practitioner of the Koryu and one of the most important gatherers of this knowledge in our era Hatsumi Sensei brings his immense experience and imagination to the table, and has never run out of stuff to share with his sometimes distant students.....but as a ninja, he is a very natural person who has a high appreciation for this very elusive art and shares many ninja techniques of survival and their basic modalities of thinking. We find out who the ninja really were and what was the stuff that made them effective on and off the battlefield. Hatsumi Sensei uses the words "ninja" and the "shinobi" interchangeably and has granted this title to some very important Japanese statesmen of the Meiji era.

To conclude, although we may never be able to grasp the scope of Dr. Hatsumi's knowledge and of the skills that he has been a practitioner of in the past 50 or 60 years, it is good to be able to dive into this ever-elusive world of the shinobi and their enduring ways, and perhaps even discover this time-honored way within yourself as a source of inspiration and never-ending quest for reaching the sublime states of communication between the inner and the outer, and gracing this world by seeing only the beauty with your eyes.


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