The Cult Calisthenics: Overcome Fear Behold Wonder

56eab7718966a.jpg Author Jamie Geraghty
File size 5.4 Mb
Year 2014
Pages 359
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Sport

Book Description:

The Cult Calisthenics Overcome Fear Behold Wonder Exercise Manual is a book designed to show you how to go from a complete beginner in Calisthenics to an advanced bodyweight ninja!

With eight detailed workouts designed to teach you moves such as the pistol squat, one arm push up, one arm pull up, human flag and the crab.

There is also extra movements for you to build upon and incorporate into your routines after you have completed the manual. The exercises here include the front lever, reverse lever, planche and the shrimp squat.

This book does a lot more than just show you some exercises however, with detailed topics such as training philosophy, what Jamie, the authors is and how you can develop your own. He also talks about lifestyle under three aspects,exercise, nutrition and sleep and how important all three are together in order to achieve your goals. Goal setting is also covered in the book and why it is such an important part of your training.

The book contains all you need in order to become a successful bodyweight athlete. Realise your own amazing potential and pick up your copy today!


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