How to Date in a Post-Dating World

56d58d89e4e1c.jpeg Author Diane Mapes
Isbn 9781459617452
File size 0.5 Mb
Year 2006
Pages 226
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Relationships

Book Description:

This is definitely one of the better dating books I've read.

I found this book to be encouraging - it really enforced my belief that both men and women are very lonely and that not very many people actually enjoy being single. That most of us are trying to find someone we think we deserve who we can be with long term, in order to feel loved and less lonely. And that dating is the only way you can do that, so you might as well go into it with a positive attitude that you will enjoy dating and try to make it as enjoyable for the people you date as well.

That's the main thing I took home from this book, but there is a lot more. It was also a fast, enjoyable read because it was written with a great sense of humor.


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