A Dictionary of Language Acquisition

A Comprehensive Overview of Key Terms in First and Second Language Acquisition

004fbb48_medium Author Hossein Tavakoli
Isbn 9643675343
File size 2.6MB
Year 2013
Pages 412
Language English
File format PDF
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

Book Description:

The function of “A dictionary of language acquisition: A comprehensiveoverview of key terms in first and second language acquisition” is to collectand synthesize the knowledge base that is already well accepted and that hasbeen well researched. Thus, it is a reference guide which offers an authoritativeand encyclopedic survey of key terms and concepts in the areas of languageacquisition and development. The volume is intended as a resource toelucidate various concepts, issues, approaches, models, and theories of languageacquisition in an efficient and accessible style. This book makes use ofapproximately 1000 alphabetical entries with cross references where necessary.This volume is designed to appeal to undergraduate and graduate students,teachers, lecturers, practitioners, researchers, consultants, and consumers ofinformation across the field of both first and second language acquisition.


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