Enchanting Elves: Paint Elven Worlds and Fantasy Characters

5a52d43ad87a7.jpg Author Barbara Lanza
Isbn 9781600613074
File size 49.2MB
Year 2009
Pages 128
Language English
File format PDF
Category Design

Book Description:

Capture the wonder and whimsy of elves in watercolor!

Much has been written about fairies, but elves on the other hand, are a much more respectable and private sort&#151so artists wishing to capture their likeness have been left largely to their own imaginations ... until now. Enchanting Elves is the first book ever devoted to painting these creatures and their everyday world in a sweet and realistic style, featuring:

  • 17 step-by-step demonstrations feature a diverse cast of woodland elves, mischievous sprites, gnome families and hardworking dwarves.
  • 18 mini-demonstrations focus on the details that give your scenes richness and life, including butterflies, autumn leaves, tree bark and other natural textures.
  • 2 complete, delightfully detailed painting demonstrations feature two very different types of elves: Christmas elves hard at work in Santa's workshop, and an elf prince and princess strolling through the woods.

It's all here&#151from the secrets behind magical watercolor effects, to advice for painting authentic attire, intricate wings, and that faraway look in an elf's eyes that comes from distant worlds we humans can only dream of ... and now, with the help of this book, paint!


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