Essential Elements of Portrait Photography

Lighting and Posing Techniques to Make Everyone Look Their Best

5ae7d112c7fd5.jpg Author Bill Israelson
Isbn 9781608957514
File size 13.20MB
Year 2014
Pages 128
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

Most photographers love photographing people—but they will also readily admit that there are a lot of challenges to making great portraits. In this book, professional portrait photographer Bill Israelson explores the skills that lie at the heart of a successful approach to portrait photography. First, he helps you set your overall objectives for the image and your depiction of the subject, which will determine the equipment you’ll need. Then, he lays out a simple six-step process designed to help you achieve your objectives(from location selection through lighting and posing) and create a great-looking portrait of any subject in any situation. Delving further into the process, he presents individual chapters dedicated to meeting the unique challenges of creating portraits outdoors, in the studio, and at indoor locations. Concluding with tips for editing your images, Israelson charts a simple course to more appealing, more flattering portraits!


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