Exercises for Elite Golf Performance

582812d4f2194.jpg Author Kelly Blackburn
Isbn 9780736002356
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Year 1999
Pages 168
Language English
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Book Description:


It's not a secret that the most vital piece of golf equipment is the human body, yet most golfers believe the best ways to lower scores are big-head drivers, premium golf spikes, and other top-of-the-line tools. It's better physical conditioning that allows the pros to hit drives farther than ever, play 72-hole tournaments nearly every week, and rehabilitate even career-threatening injuries. These pros use the workouts prescribed by the fitness consultant and personal fitness trainer for players on both the PGA Tour and Senior PGA Tour, Kelly Blackburn.

In Exercises for Elite Golf Performance, Blackburn provides the same strength and flexibility program the pros use. Whether you're a fitness professional, teaching professional, coach, or a golfer serious about improving your game, this book ensures you're getting the top training program available. It includes 138 illustrated exercises and Blackburn's ""Fitness Analyzer,"" a series of tests golfers use to evaluate their beginning fitness level.

By using Blackburn's ""Elite Golf Performance Program,"" your shoulders will be more flexible and will rotate for a fuller backswing, and your stronger hip muscles will help you by putting more power behind the ball without having to consciously swing harder. This will result in longer, more accurate shots that allow you to club down and essentially shorten any course.

Don't be fooled into thinking new equipment is the only key in turning your golf game around. Use the pros' workouts to get in shape now and see significant results on your scorecard for the rest of your life.


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