Fast Seduction: Power Up Your Inner Game Instantly When Connecting With Girls

5832ae15e7cff.jpg Author Francisco Bujan
Isbn 9781466432901
File size 3MB
Year 2011
Pages 74
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

I am always amazed to see how little guys sometimes know about women - What triggers their subconscious desire to spend time with you - Why they reject men and then beg them to try again - How they test guys and why they do it - What they actually really want when it comes to sex - And so much more! - All these questions are in most guy's heads all the time - They guess!!! - They don't actually know - They might spend a couple of years experiencing at attitude with a new girlfriend and realize some time later why their specific behavior was not working - Here is what I believe guys need the most: they need to speed up things! - Imagine if you are in you are a man and you actually download to your mind the skills to create instant sexual connections with women AT WILL! - That's the type of skill that would RADICALLY shift about any man's life, right? - This is part of what I want to give you in this powerful book! - It is a set of attitudes that I believe work best when wanting to establish instant connections with girls - Look, your life and time are precious and I simply don't want you to wasted 1 more sec being frustrated in the friend zone - I want you to succeed! - This set of tactics will give an instant new edge in the dating game - I am sure you will enjoy every bit of it!


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