Foundations of Convex Geometry

(Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series)

5be37444b8f83.jpg Author W. A. Coppel
Isbn 9780521639705
File size 17.85MB
Year 1998
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Mathematics

Book Description:

This book presents the foundations of Euclidean geometry from the point of view of mathematics, taking advantage of all the developments since the appearance of Hilbert's classic work. Here, real affine space is characterized by a small number of axioms involving points and line segments making the treatment self-contained and thorough. This treatment is accessible for final year undergraduates and graduate students, and can also serve as an introduction to other areas of mathematics such as matroids and antimatroids, combinatorial convexity, the theory of polytopes, projective geometry and functional analysis.


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