German Capital Ships Of The Second World War: The Ultimate Photograph

57e703fdc0655.jpg Author Miroslaw Zbigniew Skwiot
Isbn 978-1848321434
File size 81.4 MB
Year 2012
Pages 432
Language English
File format EPUB
Category History

Book Description:

The book is prepared by two highly respected historians of naval shipping. For the late Siegfried Breyer, the book serves as a posthumous masterpiece. The man knew his stuff. I love the photographs and the huge amount of information. Breyer's plan drawings are good to look at and the whole thing is just so damned nice. I cannot fault it. - War History Online The pictures are well chosen and most are of a very high quality - The detailed pictures will be of great value for the modeller, as well as being of interest to the general reader - - History of war This work contains one of the most comprehensive assemblages of photographs of Germany's post World War I capital ships yet created - sheer mass of imagery, their breadth of coverage, their generally clear reproduction, and the frequent use of large - format presentation. There also are drawings detailing internal arrangements, general layouts, and detail changes - Overall this is a very useful book, especially for modelers of these ships. Nautical Research Journal


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