Health, Wellbeing, Competence And Aging

Annals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

56f28acfa6e68.jpg Author Jean Woo and Ping-Chung Leung
Isbn 9789814425667
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Year 2013
Pages 248
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Book Description:

The fear of death may translate into the desire for longevity. However, longevity is a true blessing only if it is coupled with good health. Healthiness, in today's expectation, is not simply a disease free state. Rather, it is very much a state of wellbeing and competence, both physically and socially. While Oriental medicine emphasizes on the promotion of physiological balance and internal balance as an integral requirement for longevity, other cultures also have various sophisticated concepts and orientations. This book successfully collates all the different views and approaches from Austria, Russia, China and Japan in the exploration of Health, Wellbeing, Competence and Aging.


  • Chinese Medicine Has a Lot to Offer (Ping-Chung Leung)
  • Extended View of a Bio-Psycho-Socio-Eco-Cultural Model and the Self-Understanding of Western Medicine and New Public Health (Walter Kofler)
  • The Hong Kong Cadenza Philosophy (Ruby Yu and Jean Woo)
  • Longevity, Life Satisfaction, Money and Aging (David Schnaiter)
  • Understanding Between Generations: A Practicable Way to Help Create a Society Fit for All Ages (Christa Erhart, Susanne Schinagl and Peter Erhart)
  • The Life as a Struggle for Immortality: History of Ideas in Russian Gerontology (With Immunoneuroendocrine Bias) (Leonid P Churilov and Yury I Stroev)
  • Promoting Elderly Health in Hong Kong: Strategies and Actions (Wai Man Chan)
  • Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging in Japan (Kazuhiko Atsumi)
  • Medical Resonance Therapy Music (Dr Ernest H M, Ma)
  • Neuroscience and Meditation (Tatia M C Lee, Nerissa S P Ho, Jing Yin, Chack-Fan Lee, Chetwyn C H Chan and Kwok-Fai So)
  • Shaolin Mind-Body Exercise as a Neurophyschological Intervention (Agnes Suiyin Chan and Sophia Laiman Sze)
  • Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy as a Tool for Quality Control of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines (Lukas Bittner, Stefan Schönbichler and Christian Huck)

Readership: Public health specialists and departments; health policy departments in ministries of health and universities, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine educators, clinical and basic Chinese medicine researchers and health science students (particularly Chinese medicine students), herbalists, gerontology researchers, nutritionists, clinicians in Western medicine, medical researchers, World Health Organization and affiliated institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.



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