Inside Acrylics: Studio Secrets From Today's Top Artists

569c89a955929.jpg Author Phil Garrett
Isbn 978-1440317033
File size 11.4 MB
Year 2013
Pages 128
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Design

Book Description:

Very few technique books offer the depth of knowledge that this one does. The categories of methods described will be of particular interest to artists who have used oil paints and mediums before but are looking to expand their knowledge of how acrylics can work. Transparent glazes, opaque impastos, gels, colors, blending.. this book will open up a world of possibilities with water-based mediums. The author is knowledgeable and the illustrative works by various artists represented provide many good ideas for beginners and advanced veteran painters.

Packed with expert advice, Inside Acrylics will help beginning and intermediate artists make the most of both traditional acrylics and their new, slow-drying cousins.

  • Real-world advice from 9 top acrylic artists, from the way they organize their palettes to tried and true strategies for painting in the studio, painting portraits, and painting outdoors.
  • 18 step-by-step demonstrations of favorite techniques.
  • How to use acrylic paints, gels and mediums to achieve the look of oil paints, innovations in mixed media, and effects not achievable with any other medium.
  • Advice on everything from materials and color theory to varnishing and care of finished work.

Inside Acrylics contains years of hands-on experience to help up-and-coming artists make sense of all the options, save trial-and-error time, and explore the exciting possibilities of this most remarkable medium.


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