An Introduction to the Ancient World, 3rd Edition

5dc6091c1b6ab.jpg Author by Lukas de Blois and Lukas de Blois
Isbn 9780815372417
File size 55.6MB
Year 2019
Pages 432
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

‘An Introduction to the Ancient World is an engaging and useful introductory text for students who are encountering the ancient Mediterranean and Near East for the first time. It is an excellent mix of erudition, concision and clarity that even advanced students and professionals will find valuable and suitable to their needs. Few introductory ancient history texts compare with An Introduction to the Ancient World, and none surpass it. Having used it as a textbook in both my Western Civilization and World Civilizations courses, it gives students a coherent overview that committee-produced, expensive textbooks lack.’


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