Ion Exchange Technologies

58d44cf5b3029.jpeg Author Ayben Kilislioğlu
Isbn 9789535108368
File size 14MB
Year 2012
Pages 375
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This book contains information about the technological development of ion exchange in their application for industrial processes. Widely used and well known fields of ion exchange like chromatography and electromembrane technology are described in this book with experimental details. Designing new materials for nanotechnology and nanomaterials as ion exchanger are also explained by experimental proofs.

Ion exchange book is suitable not only for postgraduate students but also for researchers in chemistry, biochemistry and chemical technology.

Section 1 Ion Exchange Equilibria
1 Thermodynamics of Ion Exchange
Section 2 Ion Exchange Technologies
2 Ion-Exchange Reactions for Two-Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnetism
3 Bifunctional Polymer-Metal Nanocomposite Ion Exchange Materials
4 Preparation of Ionic Polysilsesquioxanes with Regular Structures and Their Ion-Exchange Behaviors
5 Carbon Nanomaterials - A New Form of Ion Exchangers
6 Investigation of Sorption and Separation of Lanthanides on the Ion Exchangers of Various Types
7 Ion Exchange in Glass - The Changes of Glass Refraction
Section 3 Applications of Ion Exchangers
8 Selective Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Waters and Waste Waters Using Ion Exchange Methods
9 Ion Exchange and Application of Layered Silicate
10 Structural and Ion-Exchange Properties of Natural Zeolite
11 Thermodynamic Study of the Synthesis of Zeolites from Coal Ash and Its Use as Sorbents for Heavy Metals
12 Influence of KN03 Bath Composition on Ion Exchange Process of Commercial Soda Lime Silicate Float Glass
13 Unheated and Heated Batch Methods in Ion Exchange of Clinoptilolite
Section 4 Ion Exchange Chromatography
14 The Role of Ion Exchange Chromatography in Purification and Characterization of Molecules
15 Nitrogen Isotope Separation by Ion Exchange Chromatography


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