Knitting for Beginners 5th Edition

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Year 2016
Pages 180
Language English
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Category Hobbies

Book Description:

In recent years we have seen a popularity boom surrounding all kinds of crafts. Once the reserve of older generations, hand-knitting skills have taken on a new life as a modern art form and relaxing pastime. So, from lavish fashion trends to homemade gifts, add a hand-crafted touch to your garments, gifts and decorations with the help of Knitting for Beginners. Start by choosing your yarn and needles before getting to grips with casting (binding) on, knitting, purling, ribbing and casting off again. Once you've mastered the bare essentials, find out how to finish projects with finesse. Next you will put your newfound skills into practice with a range of creative project patterns that are perfect for newbie knitters. So pick up your needles today, and you'll be an expert in no time at all!


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