Laughing Africa (Iowa Poetry Prize)

59c9bc5b6ce51.jpg Author Terese Svoboda
Isbn 9780877452805
File size 1MB
Year 1990
Pages 119
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

This urgent, spirited collection ranges in tone and subject matter from the vehemently political to the deeply personal. Svoboda ( All Aberration ) draws on her experiences in Africa and the South Pacific to examine modernity's subversion of humanity's archetypal, fundamental impulses. Insistent rhythms and recurring images of a "Paradise" lost to war, exploitation and nuclear destruction make apparent the poet's belief in a global fall from grace to a world of "knowledge without antidote" where "we have science clutched to our breast / like a lily." Svoboda's vision is not entirely bleak, however, and she pursues a recovered, Whitmanesque innocence as symbolized by the fertile, primitive landscape "where we began": Africa. "I hear Africa singing, . . . / and what I see is Africa / the beautiful, a wildness that's America's / no longer." In deftly crafted poems alternately hard-edged, sensual and tender, Svoboda delicately balances a harsh, yet convincing indictment of Western culture with an equally ardent belief in the possibility of human compassion and responsibility.


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