Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar

The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic

Magical Tools and the Daoist Altar: The Secret Teaching of Esoteric Daoist Magic Author Jerry Alan Johnson
Isbn 1885246390
File size 61MB
Year 2006
Pages 537
Language English
File format PDF
Category Religion

Book Description:

Never before has a book been written that contains so much informative on the esoteric subject of Daoist Magical Tools. Now at 539 pages, this incredible book contains secret teachings on how to imprint the magic tool, the secret seals and incantations needed to magically activate the altar tools, and how to utilize the various magic tools used in both Daoist Folk Magic and Daoist Religious Magic. Also included are several secret magic rituals (Opening the Altar, Summoning Immortals, Fire Rituals, etc.), as well as the secret Zheng Yi sacred manual known as the "Absorbing the Riches of the Profound."


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