Wing Chun Kung-fu Volume 1: Basic Forms & Principles (Chinese Martial Arts Library)

This series of books were put together by Smith as if he came up with this branch of thinking. He didn't but he puts forward the idea that he did. The pictures don't show Smith at all, they show Grandmaster "Felix Leong" who resides in Adelaide, who I don't think is ever mentioned in any of the books but deserves the credit. Basically what you get is Felix doing his thing and someone attempting to analyse it. Smith does a reasonable ...

Tai Chi Chuan: State of the Art in International Research

Tai Chi Chuan was originally developed as a form of martial arts and has been used for centuries in China as a health exercise. Today, millions of people in both Eastern and Western countries and cultures are practicing Tai Chi Chuan, which has been widely accepted as an exercise form for health and fitness benefits. This unique collection of current scientific research reflects the characteristics and beneficial effects of Tai Chi C...

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction (Tuttle Martial Arts)

This is a fantastic book, overall, though I am probably not experienced enough yet to fully utilize it. The techniques are fully illustrated, and there is text to back it up where it's less clear. Foundational techniques like the kote gaeshi are illustrated in great detail, then other techniques that are built off of it are less descriptive, but still show what's going on. This book illustrates the flow of the techniques well, and wh...

Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan (Unique Literary Books of the World)

The Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan is a relatively old book from 1982 by master Tinn Chan Lee, student of master Wu Kam Chin. This book is about the Southern variation of the Wu style, and as such deserves it's own place. However, this doesn't justify it's shortcomings, namely that the photographs show the transition from technique to technique only poorly. The photo shoot is also poorly lit. In short, you can't learn much Tai Chi from it...

Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na: Instructors Manual for All Martial Styles

I found this book to be a great book with extensive compilation of many techniques found in the various martial arts i did. For me i have difficulty remembering all the locks and take down techniques and find this book to be a master piece of information. This book made my martial arts classes more simple by organizing the techniques and by flipping through technique by technique you come to grasp the simplicity that all techniques w...

Fluid BJJ: Scrawny "Middle Aged" Guy's Guide to Getting Submissions

This book is full of gems—not just technique, but even the concepts laid out at the beginning of the book are fantastic. I think Silver Fox has a really useful and effective approach to grappling that you can see in the successes of his students. He comes from one of the best camps on the planet in RGA and it shows. I have the DVD as well and would recommend his stuff to anybody, beginner to advanced.

Shotokan Karate International Kata. Volume 1

This is a book for all Shotokan students to have from the master kata man, his kicks, mind and spirit full details into the Karate World! I started out with Tsutomu Ohshima's translation of Karate Do Kyohan through SKA, then came across these years later throuhg SKIF before they were widely avaible to people outside Kanazawa's own organization. Both volumes include kata not covered in Karate Do Kyohan. When reviewing/learning Dan Gra...

Hanging Chart: Yin-Yang Bagua Zhang Palm: Mangxing Shuanghuan Zhang Palm

Based on the Shaolin Quan boxing, the plays imitate animal actions and movements. The whole routines, including hand, body and foot plays, are inseparable from the changes of the palm plays. This set of pictures will enable readers to learn and master the moves of this form with consistent practice. Its very speciffic characteristic is that any part of the body should combine harmoniously with the other parts in each change of palm. ...

Modern Army Combatives

Very interesting read about the evolution of current Army H2H from its driving force. Well written, well edited, and well illustrated. As a BJJ Black Belt and World Champion myself who's trained for 20 years, this is the real deal. We can all talk theory and simulate combat in competition, but the lessons learned from war are unassailable. Matt Larsen has put together a work that should be required reading for every solider and citiz...