Shotokan Transcendence

This is another great book by Sensei Yokota. There is a wealth of information here, and I recommend it highly. It is a valuable addition to my martial arts library, and after more than 50 years with Shotokan karate, I am still learning a great deal from Sensei Yokota's books. I reread them from time to time, and learn something new each time! Along with Yokota Sensei's previous two works, "Shotokan Myths", and "Shotokan Mysteries", t...

Shoto-kan Karate. The Ultimate in Self-Defense

this is a good book for anyone interested in Shotokan Karate as taught by one of the best known and most respected Masters of the art. If you are looking for secret and potentially dangerous techniques that you can pick up in its pages you won't find them because this respected Sensi does not believe in showing such in a book available to anyone. Shown in the book are advanced katas that demonstrate the complexity of the art for thos...

Modern Hand to Hand Combat

"I have personally observed Hakim Isler teach his system to my soldiers operating in the toughest parts of Ramadi, Iraq. The confidence with which these soldiers were able to operate on the forward edge of the battlefield always paid dividends.";Michael Layrisson, LTC, USA Now here is a combat manual that gets to the heart of the matter in as few broad strokes as possible. Definitely designed for the fighting man today who is laden w...

Hank Reinhardt's Book of Knives

This book is amazing!!!! To anyone who has ever been interested in not just 'Knife Fighting', but also in 'Knife Self Defense', this is the book to get!!! The late 'Blade Master': Hank Rheinhardt, was beyond a legend in his field!!! Hired by numerous law enforcement agencies, for his expertise in blade combat and utilization, this book will take you to a whole new level of knife combat and self defense! The common theme of this book,...

The Discovery of Judo. Yield to Overcome

The Discovery of Judo by my friend Ron Desormeaux, 5 th dan, which I have been privileged to preview, is unique amongst judo texts, in that it not only covers the principle concepts of judo practice, but delves into the history and development of judo from its formation in Japan, and as a worldwide entity, touching on expansion into Europe and with development in Canada, from the early 1900's to the present day. Along the way, Kodoka...

Karate Science: Dynamic Movement

An informative guide for those looking to enhance their karate training.Swanson's debut is a scientific guide to the stances, movements, and techniques of karate.Swanson, a professor of biology and biomechanics at Salve Regina University, uses his scientific training to help teachers and students better understand the tenets of karate. The many illustrations (ably provided by Nigro) show everything from proper alignment of a striking...

Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu (Level 1)

Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu is an economical system of self defence and self improvement incorporating the techniques and ideas of Southern Mantis and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wong's book condenses many years of thought and experience. It is an excellent introduction to the beginner's (white sash) level. The techniques and important Chi Kung exercises are explained in detail and illustrated by clear photographs. The first-leve...

Shotokan Mysteries

Shotokan Mysteries communicates Kousaku Yokota’s work and research into the great, deep golden chest of our continued rediscovery of Shotokan karate in a positive and reflective approach. This book reaches out, openly guiding the reader into recognizing karate as a whole thing itself, paving the way to allow for questions and the subsequent answers to run side by side in a noncritical way, and transcending any misinterpretation or mi...

The Hidden Roots of Aikido

The Daitoryu is a brutally effective fighting method thought to have been first developed more than a thousand years ago by members of the Japanese imperial family. It was then refined and honed in great secrecy through centuries of hand-to-hand combat by highly trained warriors. Its techniques were jealously guarded until late in the nineteenth century, when it was first introduced to the world by master Sokaku Takeda, who began to ...