Master Lam's Walking Chi Kung

5a3707f9399c0.jpg Author Lam Kam Chuen
Isbn 9781856752350
File size 37.92MB
Year 2006
Pages 144
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Chi Kung offers something for everyone, from sports enthusiasts, to those who spend the day sitting or standing and is ideal for building strength, improving balance and concentration and boosting energy levels. Chi Kung is much more than an exercise programme, however, as it is also a form of meditation, which encourages conscious breathing, mental discipline and focus. This book is the first to focus on Chi Kung in motion and includes over 15 different walking steps and systems. It has clear, straightforward instructions and can be tailored to meet individual needs of all ages and abilities. The final section shows how to choose the right steps for you and what you want to achieve. Master Lam is a renowned authority on Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Feng Shui and has promoted the healing arts of Chinese culture throughout the UK though his books, videos, workshops and classes.


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