On Modern Poetry: From Theory To Total Criticism

5632135174bfc.jpg Author Robert Rowland Smith
Isbn 1441174222
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Year 2012
Pages 213
Language English
File format PDF
Category Poetry

Book Description:

Alltoo often, the history of poetry criticism in the 20th Century is told as atale of two sides. While ‘Lit crit' pored over the author's every line,‘Theory' stood on the shoulder of texts to gaze into the metaphysical mists.

Drawingon the key insights of both Lit crit and Theory, On Modern Poetry tries to get beyond the oppositionbetween them, proposing instead a ‘total criticism' that draws on all resourcesavailable.It combines ‘analytic irony' with ‘imaginative empathy' in orderto generate fresh insights.

The themes discussed in the firstpart of the book include tradition, voice, rhyme, rhetoric, and objects,bringing in critics such as Eliot, Heidegger, Empson, Blackmur, and De Man. Thesecond part examines texts by Tennyson, Symons, Hopkins, Larkin and Prynne.

Anoriginal exploration of poetry and its criticism, On Modern Poetry is an essential guide for readersand students at all levels.


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