Mu al-Tavrkh (The Sea of Chronicles)

(Studies in Persian Cultural History)

5960714143390.jpg Author Mehrdad Fallahzadeh
Isbn 9789004249196
File size 6.66MB
Year 2013
Pages 500
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

This study provides a critical edition of chapters nine and ten of Muḥīṭ al-tavārīkh (The Sea of Chronicles) by Muḥammad Amīn b. Mīrzā Muḥammad Zamān Bukhārī (Ṣūfīyānī). Muḥīṭ al-tavārīkh is a valuable source for the study of late seventeenth-century Central Asian history, historiography, and language. The present work represents the first critical edition of a primary source of Subḥān Qulī Khān's reign. The ninth chapter (bāb) offers accounts of the Timurid kings, Abulkhayrid/Shaybanid and the first four Ashtarkhanid/Janid khans. The tenth chapter presents a detailed account of the life and times of "the last great" Ashtarkhanid/Janid khan, Subḥān Qulī Bahādur (1682-1702), revealing historical information essential for scholars of the period and region.


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