Organize Your Day in 24 Hours!

50 Best Strategies to Successfully Manage Your To-Do Lists, Practice Prioritizing Skills, and Self-Organize Effectively in the Way You Want

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Year 2014
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50 Best Strategies to Organize Your Day in the Way You Want Do you get to the end of the day and feel disappointed that you didn't accomplish everything that you wanted to? We all have those days. Sometimes we over-schedule ourselves and expect to get everything done without factoring in traffic, unexpected phone calls, sick kids, and other unforeseen delays. Here are strategies you can use to have an organized, productive, and wonderful day. *Something Ruined the Scheme? Plan B Coming Up! *Have a Break… Time. Not Your Back! *You Are Not a Superhero! *Take Advantages of Your Cleared Head *Remember to Reduce Your Tasks *Interested in That Task? Do It! *Focus On One Task *Be More Organized *Take Responsibilities to Your Tasks *Try to Meet Deadlines *Schedule Your Activities *Find A Buddy *Celebrate Your Success *Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones *Do Not Push It! *Ignore Your Inner Critic *Plant Yourself and Make It Grow *Examine *Prepare For the Future *Empowering One’s Self *Look For A Motivation *Money VS Time *Learn to say “no!” And Much More!


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