Physico-Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

5ba8627a730c8.jpg Author Robina Farooq
Isbn 9789535131304
File size 29MB
Year 2017
Pages 271
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This book provides an efficient and low-cost solution for remediation of wastewater. The book focuses on physico-chemical treatment via advanced oxidation process, adsorption, its management and recovery of valuable chemicals. It discusses treatment and recovery process for the range of pollutants including BTX, PCB, PCDDs, proteins, phenols, antibiotics, complex organic compounds and metals.

The occurrence of persistent pollutants poses deleterious effects on human and environmental health.
Simple solutions for recovery of valuable chemicals and water during physico-chemical treatment of wastewater are discussed extensively.
This book provides necessary knowledge and experimental studies on emerging physico-chemical processes for reducing water pollution and resource recovery.


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