Platinum and Palladium Printing, Second Edition

5a5167742d52f.jpg Author Dick Arentz
Isbn 9780240806068
File size 18.36MB
Year 2005
Pages 256
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

Platinum and palladium printing is one of the easiest of the non-silver processes to learn. This guide offers a number of variations, which the photographer can closely control. Photographers interested in learning, or improving upon this process, will find this book an indispensable resource and reference guide. This is an absolute must-have for professional photographers and printmakers.

Inside you will find:

*The three basic phases of printing: sensitometry, chemistry, and mechanics
*Practical information based on the making of over 3,000 platinum and palladium prints, covering everything from making your first print, to the most advanced techniques to challenge experienced printers
*Over 50 duotones of the author's platinum and palladium prints and those of five contributors

Also included for the first time are contributions written by recognized authorities in their fields:

*Pyro and Platinum Printing by Bob Herbst
*Crafting Digital Negatives by Mark Nelson
*Ultraviolet Light Sources by Sandy King
*Custom Platinum Printing by Stan Klimek The PDF version includes Addendum 2014, covering digital negatives and high-humidity printing. Updated, full-page charts are included. This is not available in the print version.


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