Postharvest: An Introduction to the Physiology and Handling of Fruit and Vegetables, 6th Edition

59c72538dd44e.jpg Author John Golding and Ron Wills
Isbn 9781786391483
File size 8MB
Year 2016
Pages 306
Language English
File format PDF
Category Biology

Book Description:

Completely updated, this broad-based introductory level textbook covers the key concepts and practical technologies to slow the deterioration of harvested produce, including handling, packaging, transport, temperature management and the control of pests and diseases. The book retains the high quality color section and the content has been revised to reflect up-to-date information on the key issues of effective postharvest handling.

New to the sixth edition:

- Discussion of issues important to consumers and the impact of trends in convenience marketing on the quality of fresh-cut produce
- Coverage of sustainability in terms of both energy used by technologies and non-synthetic disease and pest control systems
- Greater consideration given to pre-harvest factors that influence quality
- Additional information about the health benefits of plant antioxidant properties and a discussion of "superfoods."

This new edition is an invaluable resource for students of horticulture, plant physiology and food science, and industry personnel involved with the transportation, warehousing, marketing and retailing of fresh produce.


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