Raspberry Pi for complete beginners

583c409945759.jpg Author Antun Peicevic
Isbn 9781523899487
File size 19.83MB
Year 2016
Pages 102
Language English
File format PDF
Category Hardware

Book Description:

This book was written to help you start working with the Raspberry Pi, a powerful credit-card-sized computer developed with the intention of promoting the teaching of computer science and programming in schools. It is written for beginners looking to get into the exciting world of Raspberry Pi. It covers the Raspberry Pi model B+ and its software.

In this book you will found out how and where to buy the device. You will learn how to dowload and install Raspbian, the most popular operating system for Raspberry Pi. After completing this book, you should know how to install applications on the Raspberry Pi using command line and GUI tools. Here is a list of topics covered in this book:

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi - you will learn what the Raspberry Pi really is and the components on the board.
  • Raspbian OS - we describe how to download, install, and use Raspbian OS.
  • raspi-config - learn how to change settings of your device using this simple tool
  • Fun and Games - install games, play music and videos, and take pictures with your camera.
  • Terminal - learn some basic Linux commands like mkdir, ls, cat...
  • Remote Access - find out how you can remotely access your device.


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