Tying the Knot Without Doing Your Block

This part-memoir, part-guide documents the experiences of comedian Terri Psiakis during the planning of her wedding. After The Bloke's surprise proposal, Terri went from a lifetime of being anti-bride to suddenly becoming bride-curious. Terri covers everything from The Bloke's proposal (nearly thwarted due to dirty pants) to choosing a wedding venue (one that didn't involve her dad having to dig a latrine) right through to booking a ...

Dating Online – How to get a girlfriend

The goal of this book is simple: to guide ANY guy through the process of picking out the BEST women to chat with, exactly what to say to them, and how to inspire these women to feel enough attraction and comfort to meet in person. What can YOU do slightly differently than the last 50 guys who tried emailing her that same day? Be different (in a fun way) without seeming desperate, needy, or creepy. This book explains and explores the ...

Why a Gay Person Can't be Made Un-Gay

Despite an abysmal "success rate," practitioners still use reparative therapy in an attempt to turn gays and lesbians straight. This text exposes the pitfalls that should be considered before gays embark on this journey that typically leads nowhere. • Presents thorough descriptions of the various reparative therapies, contrasts these techniques with traditional therapy, and exposes the faulty theoretical bases of this form of treatme...

Do You Want to Be Right or Do You Want to Have More Sex?

This book promises 50 quick tips to a happier wife, and that's exactly what it delivers. It takes the guess-work out of wondering how to make your wife - and your life - happier. Long-term, stable and happy marriages involve two people who turn towards each other consistently (Gottman). For the price of a cup of coffee, this humorous and "lite" book shows men how to do just that. Its format is ideal for men to browse and grab somethi...

The Manosphere: A New Hope For Masculinity

The Manosphere is a loose collection of blogs, books, and forums about men, male issues, and masculine interests. Covering areas of this vast "dirty snowball" like Pick Up Artists (PUAs) and Game, Traditional and Christian Conservatives, Wise Old Men, Puerarchs, Alpha Dads, Men's Rights Activists, (MRAs), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and other facets of masculinity in a post-feminist world, Ironwood has designed this book to be a ...

Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment

In this book, Adam Hamilton explores how, with God’s help, we can make love last. Drawing upon a survey of thousands of couples and singles, interviews with relationship and marriage therapists, the latest research in the field, and wisdom from the Bible, Hamilton looks at what it takes to create and sustain healthy, meaningful romantic relationships across the course of a lifetime.Contents include: More Than a Piece of Paper What Sh...

Das Ehe-Quiz – Was Sie schon immer über die Ehe wissen wollten

Das perfekte Buch für Heiratswillige und Frischverheiratete! Als amüsantes Quiz zum Thema Ehe vermittelt dieses Buch alles, was man über Hochzeiten, Ehepartner, Hochzeitstage und Scheidungen wissen sollte. Wer mag, kann sich beim Beantworten der Quizfragen testen und den integrierten Eheführerschein machen. Dazu gibt es ein Ehelexikon von A wie Anmache bis Z wie Zyankali . Inklusive Wörterbuch: Ehe Deutsche / Deutsch Ehe!

Attract The Right Girl

Good book short and to the point. I have learned so much about dating from this book. My only problem may be remembering it all How to Find Your Dream Girl and Make Her Fall in Love With You Learning how to make a girl fall in love with you is a challenge that a lot of guys continue to struggle with. It's especially tough out there for guys who want to find the woman of their dreams, make her fall in love, and build a great relations...

Couples Therapy Workbook

Couples Therapy Workbook is a series of guided questions to promote meaningful couple conversations and build ongoing, connected communication. The core of this unique guide is 30 guided conversations of the most critical relationship struggles. For each of the 30 topics, there is an introduction, goal-setting strategies and 10 scripted questions to ask each other - all presented in an easy-to-use mindful style. Set in a weekly forma...