Tales of the Golden Corpse: Tibetan Folk Tales

(International Folk Tales)

Tales of the Golden Corpse: Tibetan Folk Tales Author Sandra Benson
Isbn 9781566566322
File size 12MB
Year 2006
Pages 229
Language English
File format PDF
Category Other

Book Description:

Because of the heavy influence Tantric Buddhism has had on Tibetan culture and the sincere, honest, straightforward, tendency in character the environment developed in the people of that country these stories should delight anyone with an attraction to Kaula, Kula, Aghora, or any of the Buddhist Tantric lineages or wrathful practice in general. It always brings a chuckle when the Golden Corpse... This macabre entity which was captured in a tree in a Shmashana in India and is being carried to the cave where the Mahasiddha Nagarjuna awaits its use in a practice which will ease the suffering of all sentient beings.... Flies off into the air back to his "graveyard" with a cry of "Pha Laa"! Highly regarded.


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