Ultimate Couples Sex Guide Boxed Set

5634a8b00d6de.jpg Author Tafara A Makopa
File size 7.4 MB
Year 2015
Pages 744
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

This is a boxed set of three books at the price of one to enable you to have the whole collection under one cover, the titles are; COUPLES SEX GUIDE WITH DEMONSTRATED SEX POSITIONS, COUPLES SEX GUIDE DEMONSTRATED FANTASIES AND GAMES, ORALLY SUCKING PLEASURE DEMONSTRATED COUPLES GUIDE, this collection is about exploring our bodies so we can uncover hidden, uncultivated desires and discover new-found pleasure possibilities.
Sparks fade. Passion dampens. Life 'happens'. That's the path most relationships take. But what if you could chose a different path? One of intense passion, addicting sexual tension & having someone who constantly thinking about you...even if you've been married for the last 10 years? This book is just that antidote as it looks at various sexual positions which should always be up your sleeve
The Couple’s Sex Guide is the antidote to bedroom boredom. It is for couples looking to add a bit of flavor and excitement to their sex lives. Elegant and refined, this book is a perfect gift for a special someone or a friend in love since they will learn,
~ How to make a deep and meaningful connect with their partner's body.
~ A revolutionary sex practice for couples to enhance sexuality
~ How to make sex a conscious decision, not an accidental encounter
~ emphasize on how slowness since it increase sensitivity and awakens the body’s innate ecstasy
There are so many challenges that we have in our lives that we often forget to focus our energy into bringing out the pleasure of our own sensuality and sexuality. This book is just one-way that women and their partners can begin to experience sexual pleasure more often and more powerfully in their lives
In the book Couples Sex Guide Demonstrated Fantasies And Games, you’ll find more fun, tantalizing, playful games and fantasies for couples,. It is the ultimate source for bringing erotic fantasy and intense sensual pleasure to life, it helps you explore your partner's body, identify the hottest arousal zones, at the same time acting out your wildest sexual fantasies. This book will show you how to vary your approach to sex making it loving, erotic, stimulating, and more playful.
Without a little exotic flavor in sex life, sex itself may become…boring, this is a guide into orally exploring our bodies so we can uncover hidden, uncultivated desires and discover newfound pleasure possibilities. Indulging in oral sex will sharpen lovemaking skills and increase intimacy between couples. How can you experience the best elements of oral sex? This second edition’s revolutionary approach, guides couples step by step into each oral sex position helping them overcome the monotony of sex. This is a bold book on mastering the art of going down on your partner, so experiment with different positions that suit your mood.
This second edition will melt in your mouth. Be satisfied and “savor” the experience. Enjoyment, savor, mouth, and satisfaction; I cannot find better words to describe this hopefully provocative guide about one of the most pleasurable sexual practices there is: oral sex. Leave all timidity behind and prepare to take advantage of the most thrilling oral sex positions and techniques. A very comprehensive second edition for adventurous caring couples not only gives the positions but extra chapters with details of what to do when down there.

Tafara Makopa (Author)


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