Understanding Children: Foundations for Quality, 3 edition

5976e1b9ed666.jpeg Author Jeannette Harrison
Isbn 9780864316486
File size 5MB
Year 2004
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

This third edition of Understanding Children: Foundations for quality has been written in response to the large number of parents and professionals who have indicated a wish to improve their understanding and knowledge of appropriate interactions with infants and children.
Quality foundations take into account the developmental, social and emotional needs of children in any care arrangement or learning environment. This book is relevant for parents, centre and home-based day-care providers, teachers, out of school hours carers or others who may be involved in educating and caring for young children.

Parents and carers interacting with infants and young children in the first five years of children’s lives play a critical role in children’s social and emotional development.
Understanding Children: Foundations for quality will be valuable for both professionals and parents. Whether children are at home or are attending a childcare service or an early school setting, adults will wish to provide the best possible environment for social, emotional and intellectual competence.


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