War Stories: The Search For A Usable Past In The Federal Republic Of Germany

57b30c0c07f34.jpg Author Robert G Moeller
Isbn 9780520239104
File size 31.8 MB
Year 2001
Pages 342
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

Robert G. Moeller powerfully conveys the complicated story of how West Germans recast the recent past after the Second World War. He rejects earlier characterizations of a postwar West Germany dominated by attitudes of "forgetting" or silence about the Nazi past. He instead demonstrates the "selective remembering" that took place among West Germans during the postwar years: in particular, they remembered crimes committed against Germans, crimes that—according to some contemporary accounts—were comparable to the crimes of Germans against Jews. Moeller draws on a wide range of U.S. and German government documents, political debates, film archives, letters, oral histories, and newspaper accounts.


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