Wild Times Ahead! The Teen Girls' Guide to Guys, Sex, and Relationships

5702728f3410a.jpeg Author Keenan Wilde
Isbn 9781475210712
File size 3 Mb
Year 2012
Pages 192
Language English
File format EPUB, MOBI, AZW
Category Relationships

Book Description:

EVERYTHING YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT GUYS, DATING, SEX, AND RELATIONSHIPS! Get ready for Wild Times Ahead as you enter the exciting and crazy world of romance, sex, and love relationships. There’s only one small challenge: romance involves relating in new and different ways to boys and men. Wild Times Ahead! will help you and your girl friends get what you want from romantic relationships! Wild Times Ahead! covers all the essential topics as you define and express your emerging sexuality: • 5 main types of guys and how to attract them • 6 tips to maximize your chances of success in love • Love relationships - how to tell if you’ll be good at them • Top 10 reasons why some love relationships fail and how to avoid them • Tips on succeeding in first dating relationships • Dating do’s and don’ts • How to get some attention when guys are clueless • How to know when you are ready for the "first time" • 5 tips to a safe and healthy sex life • 5 tips for dealing comfortably with pushy guys • How to discover if he’s in love or in lust with you • 5 ways to know if you have a healthy relationship • Best, most effective way to break up with a guy • 8 ways to create a better marriage Written in a breezy, light-hearted style and featuring dozens of memorable illustrations, Wild Times Ahead! is destined to keep you one big step ahead in the game of love!


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